Alexa Demie – Who is she? And how Is She Famous?

Alexa Demie – Who is she?

Alexa is an actress best known for her role in HBO drama ‘Euphoria’. Demie has recently hit headlines after her age was reported. Many of her fans were shocked to find out she wasn’t as young as they first thought. This revelation resulted in a wave of memes directed at her age.

Alluding to Alexa age of 29, her fans reacted on twitter.

‘why the streets saying alexa demi is pushing 30….. i thought this girl was 22 or 23 years old….’

“alexa demie aka maddy from euphoria is 29 and older than jacob eldori?????

‘alexa demie was the only woman to hide in the trojan horse to sneak into the city of troy. she singlehandedly helped them win the war (1184 B.C.)’

However many reacted in her defence by tweeting:

“Y’all really finding out Alexa Demie is pushing 30 like it’s a bad thing. The eternal doll is what she is,” said a fan.

And also

“so what if alexa demie is 29? i don’t think y’all know what 30 years olds look like,” another said.


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